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A Path Less Traveled - Gallery Show

A Path Less Traveled - Gallery Show

About A Path Less Traveled - Gallery Show

About artist Lola Reid Allin:

Is a Commercial Pilot, a Flight Instructor, a Scuba Dive Master, and an adventurer who has explored more than 60 countries in depth.
She’s backpacked across Baffin Island, trekked the Inca Trail, summited Kilimanjaro, earned her dog-mushing certificate in the Yukon, and crossed deserts on camel.

She is also an award-winning author and photographer whose work has appeared in many notable publications (in print & online) including National Post, Globe & Mail, & National Geographic.

To share her adventures & photographs—and to inspire others to travel—she created the ARMCHAIR TRAVELER TRAVELOGUE in 2017.
Her personally-narrated PowerPoint presentations include VietNam, England, Baffin Island, the Maya, Morocco, Chile, Scotland, & Australia.

Show and sale runs until September 30th!

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