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Acrylic Pouring 101 with Sherry Heyliger

Acrylic Pouring 101 with Sherry Heyliger

About Acrylic Pouring 101 with Sherry Heyliger

Come and pour your heart out with Fluid Artist Sherry Heyliger! Acrylic Pouring is a simple and fun way to create beautiful abstract art. In this workshop, Sherry will teach participants the basic chemistry and beginner techniques of acrylic pouring. As they work on completing two painted pieces, they will learn to surrender to the movement of paint and express themselves through colour and composition. Dress for mess and get ready to let your inner child out to play! This super fluid medium offers something for everyone, regardless of skill or experience level.

Note: Once you complete this workshop, you will have the necessary experience to join in on the second, intermediate-level workshop taking place from 3-5:30 on the same day- make an afternoon of it and join us for both!

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