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An Evening with Shakes-Beer (and Whine)

An Evening with Shakes-Beer (and Whine)

About An Evening with Shakes-Beer (and Whine)

“It is a tale told by an idiot”, but you should come and see it anyway. This sketch show is a humorous and irreverent look at some of the Bard’s greatest scenes and characters, some of whom have been thrust into a modern setting. You’ll see Romeo, Juliet, Caesar, Brutus, and others like never before. Whether the works of Shakespeare inspire you or ruined your high school experience, this is a show for you!

“Actors playing multiple roles, sight gags, obscure cultural references, Pythonesque line deliveries and set changes, homages to historically great comedy (who's on first) and a multimedia component to boot, all combined to create a wonderfully absurd and brilliant production.” Lesley Bonisteel, The Old Church Theatre

This is an outdoor theatre event performed on the Théâtre Roulant stage at The Waring House in Picton.

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