ANDARA Gallery Presents: Andrew Csafordi I GESTURES

ANDARA Gallery Presents: Andrew Csafordi I GESTURES

About ANDARA Gallery Presents: Andrew Csafordi I GESTURES

ANDARA Gallery – celebrating it’s 5th Anniversary in Prince Edward County - presents “GESTURES”, the latest solo exhibition of works by Canadian fine art encaustic painter, Andrew Csafordi from May 15-August 31, 2024.

While some artists paint in silence and solitude, painting with music is a big part of Andrew’s process. His paintings are often influenced by the ((loud)) and wide range of music he listens to. For example, the energy of classical music is different from the energy of rock music. That variety can be seen in his artwork. In preparing for “GESTURES”, he turned up the volume on a wide range of music played in his studio.

Andrew’s new body of work is an even more brave approach to his impressionist-style landscapes intertwined with abstraction. His “GESTURES” exhibition reflects a maturity that’s evolved from over 20 years of working in encaustic while still holding on to his explorative nature. A fusion of layers of colourful beeswax with mixed media on wood panels, each painting is a harmony of bold gestures and carefully orchestrated details.

Andrew and the wax are a team working together, pulling and pushing. Working back and forth across the board with gestures of energy and imagination, Andrew sculpts the wax with brushes and various heated tools - the semi-translucent layers slowly revealing their secrets. “Painting is an evolutionary process where there is an ongoing dialogue with the beeswax medium – adding and subtracting, altering the painting as it evolves … every step of the way,” he says.

“GESTURES” runs from May 15th - August 15th at ANDARA Gallery, 54 Wilson Road, Bloomfield, in the heart of Prince Edward County, Ontario. The Gallery is open 11 AM to 5 PM daily, year-round.

ANDARA Gallery is an award-winning contemporary art gallery in the heart of Prince Edward County, Ontario showcasing works of fine art paintings and photography. ANDARA Gallery is the 2021 recipient of Tripadvisor’s “Traveller’s Choice Award” – placing it among the top 10% of attractions worldwide.

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