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Anxiety and Depression Fall Wednesday Group

Anxiety and Depression Fall Wednesday Group

About Anxiety and Depression Fall Wednesday Group

Build Confidence – Gain Tools – Learn Coping Strategies

The Anxiety and Depression group program is designed to increase your understanding of the symptoms you may be having and build skills to manage symptoms in a healthier and more positive way. Over the course of 8 weekly sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn new skills, and share your experience with others. The goal is to provide you with a tool kit of coping strategies to use when facing triggering or emotionally challenging situations. Exploring challenges in a group setting can provide insight, normalize your experience, and make you feel less alone.

Topics explored through presentations and interactive activities include self awareness, grounding techniques, core beliefs, the cognitive triangle, recognizing automatic thoughts, negativity bias, alternative responses, and self compassion.

Please be advised that some groups may have a waitlist. You are still able to register for these groups and will be contacted when a spot becomes available.

REGISTRATION is required.
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