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Artist Talk: Janice Brant Kahèhtoktha

Artist Talk: Janice Brant Kahèhtoktha

About Artist Talk: Janice Brant Kahèhtoktha

On October 7th, 2023 at 2:00 PM, artist Janice Brant Kahèhtoktha will be holding an artist talk at Melt Studio Gallery located at historic Base 31 in Picton. This coincides with her show, “Forest Gifts” on display in Melt’s Format Gallery.

“Forest Gifts” is a Kanyenke’ha’ka (Mohawk) and Annishinabe collaboration of honouring and expressing their relationship with the Tree Nations and their many gifts and generosity to us as human beings. This exhibit involved the construction of the log mortars and pestles (crafted from donated local sources), and creating stamps to print the log-rings using Walnut Ink. This results in stunning log ring prints that will make you consider your relationship with nature in a way like none other.

Janice Brant Kahèhtoktha is Kanyanke’ha’ka from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, Ontario, Canada. She sits with the Bear Clan and carries on her family heritage as a dedicated farmer. She is an artist, scholar, educator, and author of Rotinonhsyon:ni language and culture. An actionist for sacred-ecology and seed conservation, she helped to found Ratinenhayenthos “they are farmers of the seed” and the Kenhte:ke Seed Sanctuary & Learning Centre (KSSLC), host to a living seed collection.

Melt Studio Gallery is located at Base 31 in Picton and is open to the public Thursdays through Sundays, 11-5.

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