Belleville Choral Society General Meeting

Belleville Choral Society General Meeting

About Belleville Choral Society General Meeting

The onset of the COVID pandemic in March 2020 closed down activities of the Belleville Choral Society (BCS). In November of 2021, a small group of former choristers began the process of restarting the choir. There has been considerable interest with some 45 names on the current mailing list.
In order to continue the process, there is a need to install an official board of directors elected by the membership at a general meeting. Paying a member registration fee of $2.00 will qualify attendees to vote on nominated candidates. Those who enjoy choral singing and have an interest in the future of BCS are invited to attend on Monday, April 25.
The meeting will also provide information on the work done to date, along with an opportunity to discuss the choristers’ vision for the new BCS.
The Belleville Choral Society was established in 1959 and, except for the COVID shutdown, has been performing a wide variety of choral works for more than 60 years.