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Between Beauty and Loss with JC Sulzenko

Between Beauty and Loss with JC Sulzenko

About Between Beauty and Loss with JC Sulzenko

Between Beauty and Loss is a two-day workshop incorporating collage and found poetry and exploring the dialogue between the two. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to delve into their personal experience and explore the spaces between: seasons, when autumn gives way to winter; people or places, when leaving gives way to remembering; and objects, where one treasure is lost and can or cannot be replaced. JC will lead participants in using a visioning board collage to give expression to their own thoughts. Participants will have the opportunity to write erasure or black-out poems arising from the collage, using magazine, newspaper, and other text sources. JC will discuss how to showcase one's own work in a group or more publicly.

No experience required. This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in writing found poetry, in self-reflection and in developing interdisciplinary practices.

Over two days, sliding scale pricing from $40-$80 plus a materials fee.

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