Call for Artists - Restoring the Trenton Greenbelt Project

Call for Artists - Restoring the Trenton Greenbelt Project
  • Event DateJuly 3, 2023
  • TimeAll Day

About Call for Artists - Restoring the Trenton Greenbelt Project

The Restoring the Trenton Greenbelt Project is in full swing at the Greenbelt Conservation Area in downtown Trenton. You can be a part of this transformation by helping beautify and revitalize our tired tables and picnic shelter. Lower Trent Conservation is seeking submissions from artists to paint two picnic tables and their accompanying shelter with an attractive design that represents the site.
Submission Deadline: July 3rd, 7:30am

What We are Seeking:
Lower Trent Conservation (LTC) is seeking an artist to paint two picnic tables and their shelter. Images of the site, tables, and shelter can be found in Appendix A. Artists are strongly encouraged to visit the site before applying. Points to consider before submitting your application:
• The picnic table and shelter will be sanded and primed by LTC staff prior to painting.
• Designs should reflect the project and celebrate the site without distracting from the natural elements of the site.
• In March 2023, LTC held a public consultation period where over 100 residents submitted their feedback on the Restoring the Trenton Greenbelt Project. “Themes related to the Trent River” and “Prairie-meadow plants and animals” were selected as the top two ideas to incorporate into painting these structures. LTC encourages artists to consider these themes when submitting their designs, but it is not necessary to include them.

Submission Guidelines:
Please send the below to jason.jobin@ltc.on.ca no later than July 3rd 4:00pm with the title “Trenton Greenbelt – Artist Submission”
• Full legal name
• Contact information
• Description of experience,
o specifically with other public and outdoors works (e.g. murals, benches, outdoor structures, etc). References related to these projects are not necessary but considered an asset.
• Examples of past works
o Please include location of works and year of completion
o Images can be provided in jpeg or png format. PDF is acceptable if it is saved in a high-quality format.
o Apple/MAC files that are not fully PC compatible, or file formats that require software or extensions to open (e.g. indesign, photoshop) will not be reviewed.
• Sketches/ideas/concepts for table and benches
o See “examples of past works” for image submission guidelines.
• Project timeline
• Costing
o Cost of labour
o Cost of paint and any other materials deemed necessary for the project.
• Proof of insurance
o The successful bidder shall carry and maintain insurance through an insurance company licensed to do business in Ontario for the term of the contract and must provide for the following:
▪ Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB) clearance certificate or exemption status
▪ General Liability Insurance – minimum $2 million coverage with Lower Trent Region Conservation Authority as an additional insured

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