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Camera 101 Lab

Camera 101 Lab

About Camera 101 Lab

Do you take your camera everywhere but never pull it out because the settings are overwhelming, and even the English section of the manual is muddling? Fret no more because I have developed a class to help YOU build your camera confidence and understanding! In this six-week program, we will break down the fundamentals of your camera and explore how to work with the basic manual settings of your camera. So let’s get you off AUTO and get you creating the images you have DREAMED of Making.

Introductory price of $175+HST per person

This class is limited to 8 people and will be held at Stephanie Trattner Photography in the Empire Square Arts Centre.


6-week program is designed to help you get to know your camera and get you off manual settings.

Week One - The Language of Photography & Components of the Camera

Week Two - Aperture & Focal Points

Week Three - Shutter Speed & Camera Sensor

Week Four - ISO

Week 5 - Colour Balance

Week 6 - Lenses & Wrap

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