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Colour and Composition with Jodi Shuster

Colour and Composition with Jodi Shuster

About Colour and Composition with Jodi Shuster

Join artist instructor Jodi Shuster for this course designed to improve the quality of your paintings. Learn all about how to create a strong composition in painting by focusing on value and colour. Jodi will guide students through the do's and don’ts of strong composition by reviewing established compositional devices and structure. The course will cover the three most important components of colour: temperature (warm/cool), hue (position on the spectrum) and saturation (bright/dull), as well as exercises to help you understand values in your painting. This course is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about these elements of design in order to take their acrylic painting skills to the next level.

For ages 18+.
Sliding Scale pricing, $120-$240 for 6 two-hour mornings, plus materials fee

Image by Jodi Shuster.

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