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Comedy Country

Comedy Country

About Comedy Country

Audiences are invited to bring a camp-chair, or picnic blanket and enjoy a stunning cinq a sept evening of ensemble comedy performed live at The County Cider Company’s breathtaking restaurant patio. Bring your cameras to capture the unmatched selfie potential of this gem of a location overlooking Waupoos Bay.

Silver + Gold

The County’s own comedy duo of Julianne and Paul Snepsts will delight you with a performance of improvised comedy incorporating your suggestions into a medley of on-the-fly stories, songs and silliness.

Banzo & Blair

Vance Banzo and Tim Blair are a sketch comedy duo like no other. Together, they are 1/2 of famed sketch troupe Tallboyz (y’know… from that awesome CBC series Tallboyz). Look out Abbot & Costello! Step off Key & Peele! Don’t even Hall & Oates! Banzo & Blair are coming to The County to ascent into the realm of comedy duo legend.

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