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Comedy Country Presents: Ms. Titaverse

Comedy Country Presents: Ms. Titaverse

About Comedy Country Presents: Ms. Titaverse

The Spice Girls of Comedy, the Tita Collective, are back with a brand new musical comedy, Ms. Titaverse. The new show is about a beauty pageant, but funnier, angrier and with much more chicken adobo. Ms. Titaverse centres the Tita Collective’s experiences growing up as Filipina-Canadians, exploring the growing pains, the joy and the complexity involved with coming of age between two identities.

Who’s gonna be the next Ms. Titaverse?


Abrupt cues, sudden and loud sounds, mature language, stage combat, ECG monitor sounds, strobe lights, audience participation and mentions of sexism, racism, grief, anxiety.

Comedy Country performances are recommended for an adult audience 18+.


2023 Second City Outstanding Comedy
2023 Toronto Fringe Patron’s Pick
2023 JFL Award Montreal Sketchfest

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