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Creative Movement for Adults with Catelyn Thornton

Creative Movement for Adults with Catelyn Thornton

About Creative Movement for Adults with Catelyn Thornton

Increase your mental, physical, and creative well-being with Creative Movement for Adults! Artist Instructor Catelyn Thornton will guide participants in a range of activities aimed at bolstering their physical and mental health while engaging their imagination, broadening their understanding of the artistic elements of movement, and connecting with others in a fun, low-pressure environment. Focusing on key movement elements (shape, space, time, and dynamics/energy) and techniques (balance, flexibility, strength, coordination, rhythm, alignment/posture, and kinesthetic awareness), the course will provide participants with a toolkit of enjoyable strategies for improving mental cognition, minimizing and managing stress, and supporting their physical health. No experience necessary; all you need is a desire to be active, social, and have creative fun!

A note for those who attended the Fall 2022 Creative Movement course - Catelyn is planning all new creative activities for the Winter 2023 edition, so feel free to join us again for some new challenges!

This course runs from Feb 2nd to Mar 9th

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