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Daniel Lanois

Daniel Lanois

About Daniel Lanois

Daniel Lanois has enjoyed a long career as a highly acclaimed producer, musician, songwriter, and vocalist. His career includes long-standing working relationships with Eno, Peter Gabriel, U2, Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and many more! The superstar producer will make a rare and intimate appearance at the Regent Theatre as part of the Daniel Lanois Trio.

It all started on the outskirts of Berlin in a small chapel, 3 part harmony with my mates Jermaine Holmes on drums and vocals, the mighty Jim Wilson on bass and vocals, Lanois on guitar and vocals. The chapel acoustics were such that the vocals sounded beautiful, we chose to keep our instruments quiet and let the vocals fill the night. More to come from this dynamic configuration, by live shows and otherwise.

The more I travel, the more it all bleeds together, record making, radio, Internet, tv, festivals, life itself and of course SINGING.

"The original instrument, that being the voice, is alive and well in this trio configuration.” - DL

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