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David James Allen Live at The Acoustic Grill (Picton)

David James Allen Live at The Acoustic Grill (Picton)

About David James Allen Live at The Acoustic Grill (Picton)

Come join us for an intimate Evening of Song and a Dinner at The Acoustic Grill! David James Allen & The Growing Machine Live in Prince Edward County August 25th at The Acoustic Grill (One Night Only!)

David James Allen & The Growing Machine will be performing live, bringing their unique one-person band and intimate songwriting to the stage. Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience his music in person. Grab your friends and head over for a night you won't forget!

Built upon a rootsy funkiness that’s part JJ Cale and The Band, accentuated with shades of Daptone and Bill Withers, his songs spin off into emotional realms populated by the likes of Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt and Harry Nilsson. As with all great art, the magic is conjured through alchemy, and more importantly, through a connection to a level of consciousness few of us have the capacity to access. David James Allen has been releasing music for more than a decade, beginning with 2017’s When The Demons Come and carrying on through 2020’s Radiations and the following year’s The Architect, Allen has been steadily amassing a remarkable body of work that stands alongside those of any of his Canadian contemporaries. Now comes By The Summertime, an album that keeps Allen’s winning streak solidly intact. Allen cites Canadian poets Al Purdy and Nelson Ball for inspiring many of his new lyrics, but he could surely write his own book based on the backstories to each song on By The Summertime.

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