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About Deathtrap

Join us for The Belleville Theatre Guilds upcoming production of “Deathtrap”.

In this production Sidney Bruhl, a once successful playwright of Broadway thrillers, finally has in his hands a perfect new thriller, Deathtrap, but alas it is not his-- it was written by one of his students. Sidney’s plan, with his wife’s encouragement, is to offer to ‘collaborate’ on the play for a co-credit. But maybe he has something else in mind. How far is he willing to go to regain his former Broadway prominence?

Deathtrap provides twists and turns of such devilish cleverness that it will keep you spellbound to the very end. A classic thriller.

Advisories: Some scenes of violence may be disturbing. Mature themes. Loud noises and flashing lights. Parental discretion is advised.

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