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Decay: Group Art Show

Decay: Group Art Show

About Decay: Group Art Show

This month, Melt Gallery (located at historic Base 31) is pleased to open its new show, “Decay,” featuring the work of renowned Canadian encaustic painter Susan Wallis and the works of 28 other local + Canadian artists. Featuring a wide range of mediums from sculpture, to photography, to pieces made from natural elements like birch, Decay explores the unexpected beauty in rot and how it can produce moments of renewal and beauty. Images portraying buildings from the past in unexpected ways, photographs of life-giving trees, textile pieces woven with natural elements… There's something for everyone to appreciate in this show.

“Decay” seeks to explore the beauty found in rot, deterioration, and decline. This can include explorations into nature, biology, grief, and more. What pluralities emerge when something begins to decay, and what can we learn from these natural processes?

Melt is excited to welcome you to a reception where you can meet the artists, November 4th, 2023 from 1-4 PM.

The show is on from October 27 - November 26 during Melt’s opening hours (Thursday-Sunday, 11am - 5 pm). Melt Studio Gallery is located at Base 31, Barrack 3 in Picton.

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