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Eclipse Watching Party

Eclipse Watching Party

About Eclipse Watching Party

Once in a lifetime
On Monday, April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will be visible from Belleville and we’re right in the path of totality!!!

We will be open for this unique experience with the best way to make any experience better . . . beer.

We will be streaming the event live via YouTube multi camera coverage provided by ” Totality on the Bay ” at Meyers Pier right here from our own city of Belleville.
We’ll be turning down the lights in the taproom and lighting candles inside and on the patio to experience the unique daytime darkness event.
We’ll be offering a “beer and glasses” special while supplies last for those that want watch the sky.
We’ll also be making our own pinhole projectors for those who want to watch but not look up.
A limited number of these Helioclipse ISO 12312-2 certified solar eclipse glasses are available for purchase in the taproom before the event, as well as during the event.
In Belleville, the eclipse will start at 2:08 p.m. when the “moon touches the edge of the sun called first contact. Over the next hour or so the sun is slowly covered by the passage of the moon until the sun is totally blocked out at approximately 3:21 p.m. The darkness will last for approximately 2 minutes until 3:23 p.m. when the first slivers of sun reappear, with the sun fully reappearing by 4:

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