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Exploring Colour Theory for Painters

Exploring Colour Theory for Painters

About Exploring Colour Theory for Painters

Colour is one of the most appealing aspects of painting, but getting the colour just right can be a challenge. How do you choose your palette? How do you mix your colours? In this course, participants will begin by learning about the various qualities of colour including value, hue, chroma, and temperature. They will then discover how any colour can be created by mixing primary colours and how to create a palette to illuminate and strengthen their painting, and to help their artwork reflect their personal style. Participants will put all of these concepts and learnings into practice by creating small sketches on paper and, in the final session, painting on a canvas using one or two favourite palettes. Acrylic paints will be supplied, as well as paper and brushes, but feel free to bring in your own if you have them. This course is open to everyone; all levels of artistic experience and expertise welcome!

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