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Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction

About Flash Fiction

In this 6-week course, participants will learn the elements of effective flash fiction and how flash differentiates from other narrative forms. Using published examples and writing tasks, participants will gain an understanding of how compression, tension, characterization, manipulation of time, point of view, and structure work to create effective narratives of under 1000 words. Participants will draft their own flash fiction stories and gain valuable feedback from peers and the instructor on what is working and what could be improved. The instructor will give in-class feedback as well as provide written feedback on participants’ works-in-progress between classes. In addition, participants will develop effective editing strategies and will learn where to submit their polished pieces for publication consideration in online and print literary journals and magazines, as well as effective submission strategies. This course is appropriate for both emerging and established writers, or those who are simply flash-curious! Participants will gain valuable insights and skills whether they are new to flash fiction or already familiar with the form.

For ages 18+
Sliding scale pricing, $120 -$240 for 6 weeks

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