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Frankford Summer Evening Market

Frankford Summer Evening Market

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Calling all chocolate lovers! National Milk Chocolate Day is celebrated annually on July 28. When solid chocolate is combined with either powdered, liquid or condensed milk; it’s known as milk chocolate. Milk chocolate is the most popular member of the chocolate family and with good reason. It’s creamy, smooth and mostly used in candy bars. It is believed that in the mid-1800s, milk chocolate was first created as a beverage in Germany. The first milk chocolate, in the form of a bar that we all recognize today, was created by Swiss chocolatier Daniel Peter while collaborating with Henri Nestlé, the founder of his Nestlé chocolate company. So if you’re a true chocoholic, get ready to celebrate all things milk chocolate!-
Free event!!! Donations for bookbags for kids would be accepted and appreciated!
Lots of vendors, silent auction, kids contest, kids fun zone area and so much more!!!
We are accepting BOOKBAGS donations for the fall school start!!
All proceeds made from the silent auction, some of the vendors fees, and some proceeds from Roberts' Meals & Homemade Delights will go to purchasing items for the bookbag drive!!
Also any orders placed with Roberts' Meals & Homemade Delights from now until August 31, 2024 will have a $1.00 donated to the bookbag drive.

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