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Hand Drum Making

Hand Drum Making

About Hand Drum Making

The drum holds the heartbeat of Mother Earth. In this hands-on class, you will construct your own Anishinaabe hand drum and drum stick using materials supplied from the Earth: deer hide and wood. You will learn the history of the hand drum, how to construct and care for your drum and perhaps a song or two. Due to the strength required to tighten the drum, this class is recommended for ages 16 and over.
For ages 16+
All day workshop: 9:30am start (Please bring a lunch)
Pre-registration is required. The button at the bottom of the page will take you to the registration page.
Registration and payment can also be completed over the phone. Please call 613.354.3027 x3501
Creator Bio:
Judii is an active Algonquin Grandmother, Mother of three and Grandmother to eight. For many years she sat at the table of the Katarokwi Indigenous Health Council, contributing to the health of her community. She promotes Indigenous healing and reconciliation by sharing teachings with the Indigenous perspectives of unity and inclusivity in countless prisons, churches, schools, libraries, museums, universities, colleges and government organizations for over twenty years.

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