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Howard Goldberg Artist Talk on Artificial Intelligence

Howard Goldberg Artist Talk on Artificial Intelligence

About Howard Goldberg Artist Talk on Artificial Intelligence

Saturday September 30th at 2 pm, photographer Howard Goldberg hosts an artist talk on the role of Artificial Intelligence in photography at Melt Studio Gallery (located at historic Base 31). This talk celebrates the opening of his show, “The Rocking Horse Winner.”

“The Rocking Horse Winner” is Howard Goldberg’s endeavor to capture the dreamscapes of his childhood memories, a time Goldberg describes as a period he ”spent a good deal of time in cowboy boots and pajamas, riding a rocking horse while listening to Allan Sherman records and dreaming of real horses, ranches, sheep, nuclear war, the-girl-next-door and more.” Having recently discovered the power of using artificial intelligence (AI) in his work, Goldberg was able to bring his childhood memories to life in a way unlike ever before. This show exhibits 21 renderings of Goldberg’s adventures into AI demonstrating his rich childhood memories. Though this show is highly personal, Goldberg’s show will certainly generate nostalgia for the gallery goer.

Howard Goldberg’s artist’s talk on AI is on September 30, 2023 2 pm at Melt Studio Gallery. “The Rocking Horse Winner” is on at Melt Gallery from September 22 - October 22, 2023. Melt Studio Gallery is located at Base 31 in Picton and is open to the public Thursdays through Sundays, 11-5.

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