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Ian Tamblyn Musician and Song Writer

Ian Tamblyn Musician and Song Writer

About Ian Tamblyn Musician and Song Writer

Kicking off the Patio Season!
Ian Tamblyn began his professional life as a musician and songwriter at the Bobby Orr Pizza in Peterborough, 1972. Since that time it has been a slice. Forty-five albums, CDs and cassettes later Ian has recently released a retrospective of his work. Featuring twenty-six songs on the CD and ten on the vinyl release, the collection is entitled Scenes through a Mirror.
In the past year Ian has been busy touring, mostly in Ontario and Quebec. He has also been working on a collection of Arctic stories and reflections that is now in the hands of editor, Season Osborne. One of these adventures will be presented in Haliburton on May 8th.
Last year Ian researched a story about his grandmother Vera Baird who was a singer in the lumber camps and towns of North Western Ontario. The project came about when Ian discovered her repertoire of sheet music in a piano bench. The research has developed into a musical play entitled Vera . Carson Beckie, a classical pianist, recorded twenty of these “found” songs. A workshop for this play will begin in June with Carson ,Sheena Turcotte (Vera), Eleanor Crowder, and director Mary Ellis.
Continuing on the theatre front, Mr. Tamblyn is involved with actor/director Maja Ardal bringing Otzi, the Cooper Age Iceman back to life! with an eye to a collaborative production. Workshops begin in May.
This summer Ian will be playing at the Stewart Park Festival in Perth, July19th and the Live from the Rock Festival in Red Rock, Ontario, Aug 10-12. Before the Red Rock festival, Ian will be the guide and host of a five day voyageur canoe paddle from Rossport to Red Rock. Other engagements and information can be found on his website
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