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Kids' Creation Club Landscape Painting

Kids' Creation Club Landscape Painting

About Kids' Creation Club Landscape Painting

In this edition of our Saturday Morning Kids' Creation Club, artist instructor Megan Fitzgerald will lead young artists through an exploration of landscape art. Participants will be introduced to landscape works by artists from different movements throughout art history including Fauvism, Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism and Contemporary art to study and mimic the techniques used. Through mixed media exploration with abstraction, collage, and mark making students will learn about colour and composition. Students will will have the opportunity to reflect and pay homage to the beautiful landscapes they live close to with a number of works on canvas and paper made throughout this course.

Ages 5-8 9:30am to 10:45am
Ages 9-12 11:15am to 12:30pm
Sliding Scale pricing $62.50 to $125 for 5 weeks
Bursaries available

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