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Liminal Landscapes: Murray Gainer

Liminal Landscapes: Murray Gainer

About Liminal Landscapes: Murray Gainer

Murray Gainer's new solo show opens November 4th at Melt Studio and Gallery. Come to Melt Gallery Thursday-Sunday between 11-5 to view his series of dream-like landscape paintings inspired by travel, memory, and the artist's own imagination.

“For the last several years I have focused on painting landscape. I enjoy working with the inherent tensions involved in colour, shape, texture and design but increasingly under the discipline of creating a recognizable image. Working from photographs, sketches, as well as ideas and memories, and supplemented by experiences involved from extensive travel, the final products are essentially imaginary landscapes, typically without human presence, and frequently referencing apocalypse. I believe the more successful of these paintings incorporate an emotional charge which acts as a gateway or connection to a viewer’s unconscious.”

— Murray Gainer

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