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Lions Club Concert On The Bay ~ The Reasons

Lions Club Concert On The Bay ~ The Reasons

About Lions Club Concert On The Bay ~ The Reasons

The Reasons were a legendary ‘super-group’ comprised of members of even more celebrated 1970s Dublin punk bands. Founding members were Phil Byrne (vocals) and Kevin Helly (bass), both of Revolver, Dave Moloney (drums) of The Vipers, and Pete Holidai (guitars / production) of The Radiators (from Space). Shortly afterward, Eamon Kenny (guitars) replaced Kevin Helly, with Phil taking up the bass.

The Reasons released one single, Private World, and had a track on the seminal Just for Kicks compilation LP. Although, for some reason (did you see what we did there?), the songs were released under the name The Teen Commandments. As the 80s unfolded, life got in the way for The Reasons, although the guys remained friends after the band broke up.

A couple of years ago they got back together under The Reasons banner for Phil’s birthday, with Floyd Earl Crow joining on bass. This led directly to recording sessions with producer Danton Supple (Coldplay / Morrisey / Suede / Elbow) overseeing vocals and remixing the Camelot Sessions at Pilgrim Sound.

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