Melt Artist's Group Show

Melt Artist's Group Show

About Melt Artist's Group Show

This unthemed group show has allowed our Melt Artists to have free rein over their subject matter. These artists have let their imaginations run wild, coming up with new creations inspired by the summer months, the beauty of nature, portraiture, gardening, and more. This exhibition features work in a variety of mediums: from sculpture, fibre art, encaustic painting, metalwork, to collage. As we move from August to September, take a moment to pause and peruse this fantastic selection of work by Canadian artists both local and from afar.

Participating Artists:

Erin Beneteau, Janice Brant, Christopher Cape, Sheryl Fisher, Owen Gilbart, Howard Goldberg, Joshua Greenfield, Kay Gregg, Rachel Hardy, Joanne Kells, Alexandra Kiss, Angela Jane Lavender, Lisa Leskien, Julia Lindsay,
Nina-Marie Lister, Renee Lortie, Jan Mills, Heather Munro, Tassie Notar,
Andrea Piller, Alan Ray Joanne Rich, Vanessa Rieger, Mona Rutenberg,
Irma Veronneau, Susan Wallis, Glen Wallis, Bay Woodyard, and Tim Young.

Curated by Susan Wallis and Vanessa Rieger.

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