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More than Meets the Eye: Sarah Palmer

More than Meets the Eye: Sarah Palmer

About More than Meets the Eye: Sarah Palmer

Sarah Palmer works in the style of German Expressionism. Her paintings, drawings and sketches feature grotesque characters with expressive eyes and hands. The unhappy characters and their difficult situations can leave you feeling sad and uneasy. But look more closely: the characters are often dancing, the colours are comforting, and there are playful icons that lighten the mood. In the show’s signature piece, Frolic, you can find a horn playing bear/cat, a fat frog, a plane, a grasshopper, birds, and more. Tie together the elements in each of Sarah’s paintings and drawings and you have a story: something more than meets the eye.

Come see a wonderful array of Sarah Palmer's German Expressionist paintings from June 1-25 at Melt Gallery. Opening Reception June 3rd from 1-4 PM

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