Music Creation Projects

Music Creation Projects
  • Event DateSeptember 13, 2023
  • TimeAll Day
  • TypeVirtual
  • Event Linkwww.arts.on.ca

About Music Creation Projects

The program supports Ontario-based professional artists in creating original musical works. This program supports music creators at all career stages, working in all music genres/styles. The program has two categories:

Self-directed creation: Projects where the applicant is an individual creator who is requesting support for composing/writing a new piece of music or body of work (for example, a song set). The applicant is taking their own initiative and making their own decisions about the music to be created.
Commissioning: Projects where the applicant is an individual composer/songwriter working with a commissioner. The commissioner can be an individual artist, music group or non-profit arts organization, choreographer or dance company, who makes a commitment to give the proposed commissioned work a première.
Note: This program is not for recording activity. For recording projects, see the Music Recording Projects program.

The program’s priorities are to support:

projects that display exceptional creativity in composition and song-writing
projects that enhance the range of music available to performers and the public
projects that, in addition to the above, may contribute to arts education, public participation and community involvement in the arts in Ontario (for example, composition for children’s choir)
Deadline dates
April 13 and September 13, 2023, 1 p.m. EST
The application form will be available in Nova about two months before the deadline.
You will find out whether you got a grant about four and a half months after each deadline.
Grant amount(s)
Self-directed creation: maximum $4,000
Commissioning: maximum $20,000
Important: Due to the number of applications received and the limited funds available, grants awarded may be smaller than the amount requested. Grant request amounts should be in proportion to the proposed activity. Only large-scale projects (e.g. compositions for opera) are likely to be awarded grants close to the maximum amount in the Commissioning category.

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