Native Plants Q&A and Botanical Bingo

Native Plants Q&A and Botanical Bingo

About Native Plants Q&A and Botanical Bingo

We have not just one, but TWO, parts to this meeting - that’s right, it’s a DOUBLE FEATURE!

First up, we’ll have a discussion about what you can actually do with your native plants. By now you’ve probably heard all about why they’re important, so we’re taking it to the next level: what do you really want to know about native plants?

This is a great opportunity to ask anything you‘ve ever wanted to know about growing native plants! For example:
- What can I grow in a really shady spot?
- How much sun does a Pasqueflower really need?
- And why would I want a Rattlesnake Master?

For the second half of the evening, we’ll play Botanical Bingo! This fun game is a twist on the familiar Bingo format: figure out which flower is on the screen, then find its name on your bingo card. Get a row of 5 to win a prize!

Featuring native and non-native plants, this is a great opportunity to test your knowledge. Can you tell a Pansy from a Poppy? A Rose from a Red Hot Poker? Then you can play Botanical Bingo!

** Garden Tour tickets will also be available for $10 **

This event is free to County Garden Club members, and guest admission is $5. Refreshments will be provided and details of the mini show will be circulated by email to the membership.

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