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Needle Felting with Bex Original Art

Needle Felting with Bex Original Art

About Needle Felting with Bex Original Art

Welcome to Your Creative Junction's Needle Felting Class with Bex – a whimsical journey into the world of wool where you'll learn the art of sculpting and create your very own woodland mushroom masterpiece! Join us for an enchanting workshop where you'll discover the magic of needle felting and bring your imagination to life in soft, vibrant colours.
In this hands-on class, you'll learn the fundamentals of needle felting from our talented instructor, Bex. Using special barbed needles and wool fibers, you'll explore sculpting techniques to shape and mold your own adorable woodland mushroom. From the cap to the stem, Bex will guide you through each step of the process, sharing tips and tricks to help you achieve stunning results.
No prior needle felting experience is necessary – our class is suitable for beginners and seasoned crafters alike. You'll enjoy a relaxed and supportive atmosphere where you can let your creativity flow and connect with fellow nature lovers and DIY enthusiasts.
But our Needle Felting Class isn't just about crafting – it's about immersing yourself in the beauty of nature and creating a whimsical keepsake that captures the essence of the forest. Whether you display your mushroom in a terrarium, on a shelf, or as part of a seasonal centerpiece, it's sure to add a touch of charm and wonder to any space.
At Your Creative Junction, we provide all the materials and tools you need to create your own needle felted mushroom, including wool roving, felting needles, and foam pads. So come as you are and let your creativity take flight as you sculpt and shape your woodland creation.
Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot now for our Needle Felting Class with Bex at Your Creative Junction. Join us for a delightful afternoon of crafting, laughter, and the joy of bringing a little piece of nature into your home!

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