Oscar Peterson: Black and White (Special Screening)

Oscar Peterson: Black and White (Special Screening)

About Oscar Peterson: Black and White (Special Screening)

Meet the filmmakers of this Canadian Screen Award winning film. And participate in a post-show Q&A with Mark Selby moderated by Rosemary Sadlier.

Tickets to this Special Screening may be purchased individually or as part of the Women, Worth & Wellness "Back the Build" fundraiser, raising funds to purchase a mammography machine for the PEC Memorial Hospital.

Barry Avrich’s celebration of the musician, Oscar Peterson: Black + White, charts Peterson’s rise to prominence and his legendary proficiency. As Ramsey Lewis points out, he “frightened the hell out of people, pianistically.” Interviewing lifelong friends, relatives, and some of his legion of fans — from Quincy Jones to Billy Joel, who was dumbfounded and starstruck when Peterson showed up at one of his concerts — Avrich paints a portrait of a man who was revered around the world, but whose constant touring profoundly impacted his personal life.

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