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Paint, Pinot and Patio Fundraiser

Paint, Pinot and Patio Fundraiser

About Paint, Pinot and Patio Fundraiser

These 4 walls is sponsoring an artist abroad!

Miguel is 36 years old and a gentle soul, a father (soon to be of 2 children), a husband, and a Plastic Arts Graduate. He is an extremely talented artist painting landscape, figurative and portrait styles on canvas primarily with oil paint.
Miguel's family is growing and he needs proper accommodations in C^ba for his wife and children.

The PAINT, PINOT AND PATIO night at the gallery will fundraise and generate funds to be given to Miguel and his family to find proper housing. Miguel is a proud, hard working artist who has been very clear does not want a hand out or charity, and he has therefore given a commitment to paint his heart out in exchange for the funds raised to help his family. His paintings will be brought to Canada and distributed to local non-profit groups to help with their auctions and fundraising efforts.

Your ticket includes one glass of wine or beer, charcuterie, and paint activity (age of majority required for the complimentary beverage but not required to attend). Come out to enjoy this unique fundraising event!

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