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Plein Air Course with Stewart Hood

Plein Air Course with Stewart Hood

About Plein Air Course with Stewart Hood

This course is all about painting ‘en plein air’, which means painting outside, derived from a French term meaning “in the open air.” A lot of artists enjoy painting landscapes outside, painting the view of the landscape they see, not using a photograph as a reference as they would in their studio. This course is focussed on painting outside in watercolours, but students are welcome to paint in acrylic if they prefer.

This 6-week course will take place at 6 different locations. There will be ‘start -up’ instructional advice before students begin painting, then on-going instruction, advice and response to each of student's questions and needs. With each 3-hour class, students can choose additional views and paint a few pieces. Part of the technique and style of plein air painting (and especially watercolour) is working a quickly to capture the sky and light, and be more of an impressionist than a tight studio artist.

The course will take place each Wednesday for six ongoing weeks, from 9am-12pm. Course fee is $127.22. Visit the website for more information and to register!

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