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Private Reuben Pearce

Private Reuben Pearce

About Private Reuben Pearce

In a cemetery in Wellington, Ontario there is a grave marker that has a commemoration plaque acknowledging service in the U.S. Army.

Conrad Beaubien's new stage play featuring Megan Hutton and Gabriel Guadagnin. The stone marks the date and birth of Ruben Pearce, a local man who enlisted and fought in the U.S. Northern army for the duration of the Civil War. He was a Private in a Mounted regiment, was wounded and held captive in Virginia by the Southern army. Pearce was born in Britain, married in Canada, had a family and owned a farm nearby to where he is buried. One morning in the fall of 1861 Pearce went out of the house to fetch water out back. He never returned. Until 1868, three years after the war's end..
This is an outdoor theatre performance on the Théâtre Roulant stage at The Waring House

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