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Proximity: Stan Olthuis

Proximity: Stan Olthuis

About Proximity: Stan Olthuis

This month at Melt Studio and Gallery (located at historic Base 31), Stan Olthius’ “Proximity” show is on display in the Format Gallery from October 14- November 12th, 2023.

Stan Olthuis is a Canadian artist of Dutch descent who creates contemporary drawings, paintings and sculptures loaded with energetic presence. An Ontario College of Art graduate Stan has a broad range of disciplines. He exhibits extensively through galleries and by invitation and is grateful to be collected and commissioned in numerous countries.

With his latest work, he has leaned stylistically close to brutalist design as he manipulates rough, natural materials to celebrate their textural surfaces and intrinsic raw beauty through simple form. His creative process for these pieces involves shaping wood and a transforming treatment with fire. Concept and process drive the work. Currently his tools range from metal trowels, power tools, propane torches and materials as diverse as house paint, stone, wood, rubber and found objects to make paintings, sculptures and interactive pieces.

Stan Olthuis’ Proximity series is on display in Melt Studio Gallery’s Format Gallery from October 14 - November 12th, 2023. There will be an opening reception October 21st, 2023, 1-4 pm. m open to the public, happening at Melt Gallery (located at Base 31). Melt Studio Gallery is located at Base 31 in Picton and is open to the public Thursdays through Sundays, 11-5.

Melt Studio Gallery’s Format Gallery is designed to showcase and highlight artworks that explore the boundaries of art installation, audio/visuals arts and art beyond the 2D realms. Such works could include sculpture installation, video art/documentation, and mural installations.

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