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RPG Open House

RPG Open House

About RPG Open House

Scalliwag Toys is once again hosting an RPG Open House! Current players and new players are encouraged to come to this event to find a group of like minded gamers to roleplay with.

They will have a bevy of Game Masters available who are running assorted RPG formats including Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, Pathfinder Second Edition, Call of Cthuhlu, and more. They will also see formats such as the 2d20 Fallout RPG, The upcoming Avatar The Last Air Bender RPG, and other niche formats crop up down the road, so getting a seat at the table now will really help you be ready for those niche formats. Players are reminded that RPG Night is a weekly event.

Game Masters will have a table set up at the store and you can come in, get a sense of what their table will run, what their homebrew rules might be and other details to help you determine if it's a table you want to play at. Those Game Masters will dictate how many players they will want at their table.

Scalliwag Toys works with its Game Masters to ensure inclusivity and safety at the tables, as long as you bring an open mind and kind heart you will be able to find a seat at a table. For individuals with phobias, past tramas, or any other concerns, Game Masters are encouraged to find out what is and isn't safe subject matter for their players.

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