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Sarah Winn: Happily Ever After

Sarah Winn: Happily Ever After

About Sarah Winn: Happily Ever After

Explore the hidden meanings behind nursery rhymes and fairy tales

Sarah Winn is an artistic powerhouse. Recently awarded a Quinte Arts Council (QAC) Arts Recognition Award for her contributions to the artistic community in the Quinte region, she is back again with an exciting new show. Known for her bold, edgy, unconventional and sometimes rebellious style, Winn is presenting her never before seen show Happily Ever After opening February 1st, 2024 from 4-6pm and running until March 1st, 2024.
Fairy tales and nursery rhymes are told to children as they grow up as stories and lessons to learn how the world works. Disney grew from a small animation company to the world-wide corporation it is now, because of the enduring love people have for fairy tales. Happily Ever After is about the hidden meanings behind fairy tales and nursery rhymes. There’s a lot behind the stories that people don’t know and that’s what interests Winn.
“I have always been interested in the origin stories of bedtime stories or nursery rhymes. I love learning new things, so I thought a show on the subject would be not only fun, but also educational.”