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Silk Screen Printing with Yasmine Louis

Silk Screen Printing with Yasmine Louis

About Silk Screen Printing with Yasmine Louis

In this full day workshop join silk screen artist Yasmine Louis in learning the basics of silk screen printing. In this hands-on class participants will learn about the process in the morning, and will have the opportunity to experiment after lunch with printing images on paper, fabric, and anything else they would like to bring with them. Yasmine will provide screens and all necessary equipment. We will provide you with some paper and fabrics, but bring your own materials to make something more personal! You can bring clothing (new or up-cycle something old), napkins, tea towels,wood panels, journals, etc. Note: whatever you choose needs to be paper, fabric or wood, and must lay totally flat when on a table to be printed.

Please Note: The County Arts Lab is moving! As of March 29th classes will take place across the hall in unit 1E of the Armoury. Access to this unit is from the outside of the building, at the rear of the building on the side nearest to the library.

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