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Songwriting Course with Megan Hutton

Songwriting Course with Megan Hutton

About Songwriting Course with Megan Hutton

Join Megan Hutton for a 6 week course that will engage songwriters with a mix of in-class exercises and formal teaching. Participants will gain practical knowledge, be challenged and have fun learning and creating in an accepting environment.

During this course, students will build a solid foundation of song writing that will assist them in writing for personal use or commercial use for years to come. Students will complete one song per week during the duration of the course and receive feedback from Megan as well as their peers. This course is great for new or professional songwriters, writers experiencing writers block or looking to expand their technical knowledge, and musicians looking to collaborate with other local artists. This course does not require formal training in music or writing.

Sliding Scale Pricing- $120 to $240 for 6 weeks

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