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Strong Women Rising

Strong Women Rising

About Strong Women Rising

The foundation of Strong Women Rising is to learn to focus on self, by adapting a mindful and conscious perspective of life and self. Strong Women Rising teaches us how to change the conversation that we have with ourselves by living in the ‘now’ by adapting mindful coping strategies. Throughout the program, we start to remove our layers and find our true and authentic selves, as we remove the expectations of who we thought we should be, and start accepting who we are.

Each week Strong Women Rising focus’s on the following topics through a mindful lens: stress & resilience, mindset, work-life balance, coping strategies, stigma & culture, no is a complete sentence, boundaries, and manifestation.

Through Strong Women Rising women also get an opportunity to hear how other local women continue to ‘rise’ and share their ‘story’.

This is an 8 week program.
* Please be advised that some groups may have a waitlist. You are still able to register for these groups and will be contacted when a spot becomes available.

REGISTRATION is required.
Call 613-969-8874 or email to secure your spot in the group.

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