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About TARA WILKINSON voICE Photography

Fine Art Photography – Solo Exhibition and Sale
November 30, 2023 – February 24, 2024

ANDARA Gallery in Prince Edward County presents “voICE”, the latest solo exhibition of works by Canadian fine art photographer, Tara Wilkinson from her journey circumnavigating the 1,322 KM Ring Road in the land of fire and ice ... Iceland.

“voICE” is dedicated to bringing the viewer up close to the alarming and exquisite beauty of melting icebergs from the Vatnajökull Ice Cap (Europe’s largest, covering 8% of Iceland). Before being carried out to sea, icebergs break off and fall into the Jökulsárlón Lagoon – considered Ground Zero for Global Climate Change (now the deepest lake in Iceland, it only started forming in 1935).

Every piece of Icelandic ice is created through the compression of billions of snowflakes, volcanic ash and pollution compressed over hundreds of thousands of years. Through her exhibition, Tara takes us even closer to view the suspended animation trapped in glacial ice through her series "ICE CUBES". Showcased in a custom-built window display at the gallery, each macro photograph of ice has been printed onto thick 6x6 inch acrylic blocks. When backlit, each one-of-a-kind “ICE CUBE” is an illuminated work of art. All framed photographic prints and “ICE CUBES” are available for purchase through ANDARA Gallery.

The exhibition also includes images from some of Iceland’s other diverse and spectacular landscapes – scorched deserts, lush valleys, majestic fjords and snow-covered mountains.

ANDARA Gallery is located at 54 Wilson Road, NW of Bloomfield in the heart of Prince Edward County. The gallery is open daily from 11 AM to 5 PM.
For more information, visit andaragallery.com.

Photo Credit: “PREDICTION” (photograph, Iceland, 2023), voICE series © Tara Wilkinson, ANDARA Gallery.

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