The Art of The Universe

The Art of The Universe

About The Art of The Universe

Gary's Gig will take an in-depth look at our night skies with three members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. Dave Cotterell will present What's Up in the Night Sky, Fall and Winter; Francois van Heerden will discuss Astrophotography on a shoestring; and Donald Town will tackle Light Pollution Abatement in Belleville. The James Webb Space Telescope will be the primary topic for the evening: Dave Cotterell will also explore the impact that the images and information the JWST has had on the scientific community; some describing them as mind boggling.
In addition to the discussion about the scientific aspects of our universe, artist Pat Stanley will be displaying several of her acrylic paintings that superimpose nebulas over mundane human constructs (patstanley.com)

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