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The Bard’s Bus Tour: KING HENRY FIVE

The Bard’s Bus Tour: KING HENRY FIVE

About The Bard’s Bus Tour: KING HENRY FIVE

Join Driftwood Theatre for theatre under the stars as they celebrate the return of The Bard’s Bus Tour after a three-year hiatus with an epic adaptation of William Shakespeare’s greatest play cycle, King Henry Five.

Bring your own lawn chairs. Pay-what-you-can.

It’s a comedy, a tragedy, a cautionary tale. It’s a play about family, the ones we inherit and the ones we chose. It’s also set in a modern Outdoor patio-bar. It’s Shakespeare, Driftwood-style.

“It’s a coming of age story,” explains Driftwood Artistic Director Jeremy Smith, “it’s about finding one’s place during a time of great uncertainty and massive world events. As we grow up and learn to navigate our place in the world, we learn to recognize and rely on the communities that surround us.”

Driftwood celebrates this return to live theatre with an imaginative production using only five actors, a puppet, Shakespeare’s poetic text and seven original songs created specifically for this production to tell the story of Henry’s rise from a rogue of the Boar’s Head Tavern to the ruler of a mighty dynasty.