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The Bomb – A Retro 80's Live Experience

The Bomb – A Retro 80's Live Experience

About The Bomb – A Retro 80's Live Experience

The Bomb – A Retro '80s Live Experience
The Bomb, Retro ‘80s Live Experience is a touring tribute that embraces the decade of the '80s, playing top New Wave & huge radio hits from that wonderful era, rather than playing tribute to just one artist.

From Bowie to Tears For Fears and The Cars to Duran Duran, A-ha, Hall & Oates, The Cure, Simple Minds, Depeche Mode, INXS, Prince (& much more), The Bomb truly do perform:

‘The Soundtrack of your Youth...Live!’

The Bomb takes pride in their atmospheric sound, their performance & image, dressing the role and playing a show full of happy energy and fun exuberance guaranteed to get audiences moving, grooving & smiling!

Rob Van Der Vleuten
Rob Van Der Vleuten is a multi instrumentalist and vocalist and a familiar face in the 416 and 705 music scene. Rob's stunning ability to hone in on the vibe of 80's vocalists and make it credible is a gift to The Bomb. His talent on guitar and synth add a layer of authenticity to The Bomb's live show!

Jamie Thunder
Jamie Pugh, also known by his '80s stage surname "Thunder" played extensively in the Toronto nightclub scene and toured Canada in the '80s as the drummer of the New Wave bands INB and The Lost Boys. A graduate of the prestigious Fanshaw College recording program, Jamie is the rhythmic backbone of The BOMB.

Constantine Gatsis
Constantine Gatsis is thoroughly enjoying his role as The Bomb's guitarist. An incredible talent and experienced musician, Constantine brings new life to The Bomb's live show. Playing since he was 11 & with musical experience crossing genres from Greek traditional, mainstream rock to new wave, Costa's funky & bold interpretation of the classic new wave hits of the '80s cuts through and shines during The BOMB's performances!

Shaun Gillespie
Shaun Gillespie has been a fixture in The BOMB since its conception & is the multi instrumentalist behind the synthesizer and effect layers so necessary to recreate the soundtrack of our youth. Shaun lived the '80s as the bassist for INB and The Lost Boys, touring the GTA and the rest of Canada with Jamie Thunder.

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