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Time and Dirt: Neil Maguire

Time and Dirt: Neil Maguire

About Time and Dirt: Neil Maguire

Neil Maguire is a multi-disciplinary artist who employs materials, skills, and ideas from people and places that he has interacted with. He is interested in in-between spaces like empty fields, alleys, and vacant lots. Every scrap of garbage, every plant, a discarded shoe, all of the objects that can be found in those in-between spaces has a story. Interactions between objects and time create endless possibilities. The works in “Time and Dirt” explore all the stories packed into what may seem completely random. Recently, Maguire has taken up sculpture. Sculptures allow him to demonstrate how he sees himself amidst his work, as a kind of being moving through many spaces, collecting experiences and expanding their inventory along the way. This solo show of both two and three dimensional work explores these seemingly random interactions between disparate objects within time and place.

Please join us for the opening reception and to meet the artist on August 26 from 1-4 PM. All are welcome!

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