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TROUBADOURS - Brock Zeman & Tom Savage

TROUBADOURS - Brock Zeman & Tom Savage

About TROUBADOURS - Brock Zeman & Tom Savage

The June Shelter Valley Concert Series 2023 Season concert features Brock Zeman and Tom Savage, TROUBADOURS.

Combined, these two grass roots Eastern Ontario musicians have released 25 albums, performed thousands of concerts, and traversed the continent more times than one cares to remember. Now they are joining forces as TROUBADOURS - to take you on a journey through their collective songbook; retelling tales of the road, love and loss, and life lived on the wrong side of town.

“Jaw dropping songwriting genius.” - Fatea Records on Brock Zeman

"We are dealing with a brilliant poet and troubadour" - Country Jukebox on Tom Savage

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