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Weekly African drumming classes

Weekly African drumming classes

About Weekly African drumming classes

Fridays – African drumming workshop with Isaac Akrong of the African Arts Institute

Come and play the drums with us!

Every Friday at the QAC Cultural hub – join us for classes and learn to play African drums such as djembekpanlogo, and gome. Learn proper technique, learn several parts to a song, and join in an ensemble that will shake the house! Along with playing, learn a bit about the history of the drums, how they are made, and the cultural significance of the music we will play.

Cost to participate: $20/adults, $10/children & seniors

About Isaac:

Isaac Akrong is a specialist performer of traditional dance and drumming. Originally from the Ga people of the coastal belt of Ghana, West Africa he was immersed in the traditions of his culture at an early age. His love of traditional music and arts led him to the University of Ghana, School of Performing Arts where he completed an undergraduate degree. Isaac was invited to join the Ghana Dance Ensemble of the Institute of African Studies, Legon, where he continued with his learning and love of traditional music, performing a multitude of different cultural dances.

Isaac holds a master’s degree in dance and a PhD in ethnomusicology from York University. For many years he taught African music and dance at York University, Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. He has taught all ages, everywhere from Ontario Early Years Centres, elementary and secondary schools, post-secondary, as well as with adults and seniors.

As a choreographer, master drummer, and artistic director, Isaac creates new works as well as maintains traditional music and dance through the African Dance Ensemble. The group has performed all across Ontario, in addition to England and the US. Isaac also founded Humanity in Harmony festival, which ran for three years, bringing together multi-disciplinary artists, academics, and community members in a celebration of our common humanity through the arts.

Isaac has a strong commitment to sharing his knowledge of traditional dance and drumming with the world. As a researcher, he is determined to see Ghanaian music and dance documented for future generations